Monday, May 23, 2005

Getting to the Point

The lovely Phoenix has already described the delights of our Saturday morning adventure so well, that I hardly need add anything.

But I will, anyway.

Crown Point Ecology Center has become one of my favorite places on this earth since a friend introduced me to it (and its beautiful meadow labyrinth) last fall. The Center is founded on four simple but inspiring principles: ecology, spirituality, community, and sustainability. And to that end, the Center provides educational events for children and adults, spiritual resources, and a healthy organic farm that not only supports the local food bank but also provides a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) resource for the neighboring community.

As Phoenix mentioned, we had the great fortune to meet up with Sister Joanne, the director of the Center, who offered us an impromptu tour of the Center. (We had been trying for weeks to find a time when we could arrange a tour with her, to no avail.) And as both Phoenix and I have become very interested in organic farming and gardening (my garden has been evolving toward being fully organic for a number of years), we were thrilled to see how well the land at the Center is used, how vast rows of beautifully dark and rich compost lined the fields, how the beds in the greenhouses were laid out, and how much care has been taken to provide good and thoughtful stewardship of the earth. Sister Joanne spoke eloquently on why they do what they do at the Center (to avoid monoculture and to increase biodiversity) and how they are trying to make a difference in the way people think about their food... and it was all I could do to restrain myself from shouting, "Amen!"

As Phoenix mentioned, she took home a lovely purple basil plant that had been raised and potted on the farm, and I found a tall Genovese basil plant for my own garden (I'm mad for pesto!) as well as a Japanese eggplant seedling. All of our plants were incredibly affordable, knowing they were organic, and I would have gladly paid more to support such a worthy endeavor and such an uplifting place.

And oh yes, we'll be back. Soon!


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