Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm Nuts About You!

(An Open Love Letter)

My dear bazha*,

Why did I wait so long to let you into my life, even after I learned about your existence??? You're completely nutty, but so smooth in the way you've stolen my heart. Your exotic golden glow and slightly spicy attitude have livened my life and leavened my spirits.

Will you join me for dinner tonight? I'm serving eggplant, and I know that having you there will make the experience blissfully complete.

Until we meet again, dearest bazha...

*Bazha is the quintessentially Georgian walnut sauce, made from grinding walnuts and garlic into a fine paste and adding spices, a hint of vinegar, and enough water to give it a cream-like consistency. Mitch Heat tells me he cannot get enough of this sauce over chicken, and though the Georgian cookbook I found indicates that the sauce is good on almost anything (fish, too), I opted for the eggplant version for tonight's dinner.

It should be absolutely fantastic. Stay tuned.


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