Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Georgia On My Mind, Pt. 2

The more I try it, the more I like Georgian cuisine. And right now, I especially like that its emphasis on fresh vegetables makes it the perfect cuisine for warm-weather cooking!

After work yesterday, I chopped vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber, garlic) and tossed in fresh herbs (basil and cilantro) for a very fresh salad drizzled with olive oil. (How fresh was it? Let's just say I had to slap its face, and leave it at that.) That went back into the refrigerator to chill and to develop flavors while I headed out to the garden for more digging.

An hour later, I staggered back into the house, and after resting a bit and gathering my energy again, I headed back to the kitchen to peel, chop, salt, and drain one small eggplant. (Then I went back to being flat-out again, but what can you do?)

Finally, time to cook! I sauteed the eggplant until it was soft and nicely browned, then added some chopped cilantro and sauteed a little longer before removing it from the heat and adding some fabulous walnut sauce.

And there you have it, dinner fit for a Baklava Queen: a pile of creamy, nutty, rich eggplant with walnut sauce, and a crisp fresh salad with one hell of a kick (ahhhhh, raw garlic!). Back that with a glass of the year's first homebrewed iced tea (complete with fresh mint from the garden and a squeeze of lime), and you can't go wrong.

But you can have leftovers.


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