Monday, April 11, 2005

Flower Power

The weekend weather was glorious!: sunny, breezy, warm, and perfect for working in the garden. It was also great for opening up the house and cleaning out the cobwebs in preparation for the fair Titania's upcoming visit.

In other words, it was NOT a great weekend for getting anything done in the kitchen.

Well, not much, anyway.

I did make a pot of chick pea minestrone after working in the garden Friday afternoon, and that has sustained me over several meals so far.

And last night, I had the urge to bake cookies. But what??? I didn't want chocolate (shocking!). And I didn't have the ingredients for a number of recipes that did look somewhat appealing.

Then I turned the page, and there it was: lavender cookies.

A couple of years ago I got hooked on simple, old-fashioned refrigerator cookies, partly because of the ease of making them, and partly because the basic vanilla recipe is such a wonderful blank slate for trying different flavors. So I decided to try adding in some dried lavender blossoms from my herb garden, and a new favorite was created.

Last night, that recipe sounded like the perfect way to capture the spring/almost summer feeling in the air. I even added the last teaspoons of rose geranium sugar (made two summers ago) to round out the lavender flavor and give it a little extra "flower power." (Good call!)

The results? Elegant little oblong cookies, buttery and mildly scented with the tastes of the garden, warm and inviting. Just perfect for a ladies' tea party or (as is the case this week) a mid-morning pick-me-up.

The cookies also remind me that as my garden blooms this year, I have to remember to harvest some of those flowers and leaves for making more herb sugars (I'm out now) and herb-infused honeys as well as the usual vinegars. I'll also dry some for future use, after I've had my fill of fresh (mmmmm, nasturtium and borage flowers and leaves in salads!).

But I don't think I'll tell my nephews to "Eat your flowers!"


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