Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First Harvest

When I went out to water the garden last evening, I had a most pleasant surprise. There along the back fence, I discovered one single, perfect, slender stalk of asparagus growing.

Now I had planted asparagus about 5 years ago, in the hopes of having a regular spring harvest of such a delicacy, but I figured I must have planted it in a poor spot, because I never saw anything besides the ferny leaves.

Until last night.

What a treat! What delight! And yes, it's only one small stalk, barely even enough to be considered a side dish, let alone a meal.

But tonight, I will pick that asparagus, steam it lightly, and dress it gently with a wispy light vinaigrette. I will savor each bite of its tender greenness.

And I will be sublimely happy.


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