Thursday, April 14, 2005

Empty No More

My poor, lonely refrigerator.

I have cooked so little lately (compared to my usual routine) that the fridge has been looking rather bare of late. Aside from the handful of condiment jars, the water pitcher, the remaining eggs and tortillas, the rather sad-looking celery and the forlorn jar of soup... well, let's just say you could stick your head in and yodel and hear a resounding echo similar to what you would hear in the Swiss Alps.

Not that I've tried that or anything.

But after last night's shopping spree at the fabulous Mustard Seed Market, my refrigerator has found a new purpose in life and holds the key ingredients for tomorrow night's Indian feast (cooked by the lovely Phoenix and myself in honor of the fair Titania's visit):

fresh organic vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, scallions, red pepper)
organic yogurt
organic tofu
organic unsweetened soy milk
organic locally-produced milk

And on top of that, I restocked my tea supplies with some organic, fair trade tea and some quality Ceylon tea for making chai.

Yes, it costs more to buy organic. Yes, it takes a while to get to this store and stock up. Yes, I do have perfectly good stores here in town where I could buy almost all of this (though perhaps not all organic). But when such a delightful little shopping spree follows a really good dinner (in their cafe) shared with The Gentleman (who will be leaving us soon for the big city), how can I resist?

My friends are worth it.


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