Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Digging In

Springtime has arrived, and it finally appears that it's here to stay at last.

("And there was much rejoicing... yaaaaaaay.")

After work yesterday, I toddled out to the vegetable patch with shovel, cultivator, hoe, and bucket, and I cleared the back row along the fence. (Doesn't sound like much, I know, but you have no idea how big that veggie patch is when you face it with garden implements. Huge. Monstrous. Back-breaking. Ahem.) I'm happy to report that the weeding I did last fall paid off, because mainly I picked up leaves and dug out the last few stubborn dandelions (which, I'm also happy to report, popped right out) and dumped the lot into the now-overflowing compost bin.

Very rewarding work.

Then I fished the seed packets out of my jean pockets and planted nice long rows of lettuce and spinach and radishes and green onions, trying not to overwater the seeds as I drooled, thinking about those first fresh salads. (All right, I exaggerate. No drooling, no fooling.)

That's all I wanted to tackle in one afternoon, and the rest of the garden won't be planted for a few weeks, so I can take my time clearing the rest. But it is so satisfying to know that the work has begun and the first few veggies are on their way.

Off to dream about my salad days...


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