Monday, February 28, 2005

Sunday Brunch

It's my personal opinion that when it comes to meals, there are two that just by their names alone evoke a wonderful feeling of relaxation and enjoyment shared with friends. The first of these is afternoon tea, a most civilized experience that we really should make time for more often. The other is, of course, Sunday brunch.

Combining some of the best of breakfast foods with the later, more leisurely luncheon hour, brunch conjures up images of a linen-clad dining table decked with pretty dishes, lovely flowers, and a variety of foods from French toast and fruit salads to coffee cakes and vegetable quiches. Perhaps you prefer a pot of coffee, perhaps you prefer a pot of tea... or maybe you'd even like to splurge and enjoy a Mimosa?

Part of the reason that I enjoy serving brunch (and it doesn't happen very often) is that it gives me a chance to showcase for friends some of the wonderful dishes that I enjoy indulging in for breakfast. Sometimes those dishes are more fancy, like cinnamon rolls or my favorite date-pecan coffee cake, and sometimes I just like to share more "common" favorite (which aren't all that common, I assure you).

I invited the lovely Phoenix and the steadfastly silent Mr. Nice Guy to brunch yesterday and plied them with my favorite cheese grits (one of the few Southern dishes I simply could not leave behind), a zucchini-feta "casserole" (more of a crustless quiche), some of the savory bread I'd made the day before, and a pot of Irish breakfast tea. Colorful, tasty, and... after an hour... nearly all gone!

So simple, really. A couple of dishes, a good pot of tea, and good friends. What better way to enjoy the weekend?


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