Monday, February 28, 2005

Snack Attack

Turns out that for my impending vacation, none of my flights offer a real meal. Nuts! (And that's probably all I'll get, too, aside from a packet of pretzels.)

But am I worried? If you think so, then Dear Reader, you don't know me very well at all. I retreated to the kitchen for part of the weekend and whipped up a few tasty and wholesome morsels to pack in my bag:

First off, ginger cakes. Well, they were supposed to be cookies, but the batter was a little too moist and runny to drop onto cookie sheets, so I spread it out in a pan instead. Actually, this is more like ginger bread, rich with (fresh!) ginger and molasses and not overly sweet. (I've enjoyed a few with a yogurt sauce mixed with orange syrup, cinnamon, and ginger... very tasty!)

Next, I continued my foray into the realm of crackers with a highly addictive potato-dill cracker made with mashed potatoes. Thanks to the really good baking powder I have stashed away, the crackers puffed up into little pillows of mouth-watering dilly goodness. They made the perfect accompaniment to the last of my vegetable paprikash soup, and they were also just right for the last chunk of cheese in the fridge.

Finally, I made a loaf of half white, half wheat bread filled with a blended spread of one egg, some feta cheese, some oven-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil, fresh garlic, dried basil, salt and pepper. The flavors swirled through the loaf, making it utterly irresistible. (And it took so much less time than making the little filled pockets as the recipe originally stated!)

I think those will keep me very satisfied on the flight out, don't you?

No, what I'm truly worried about is getting an uncontrollable coffee craving. I stopped by my favorite coffeehouse to get some freshly roasted coffee to take to my parents (they taught me well... always take a gift for your host/s). I had hoped to pick up some Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, but they were nearly out, and after careful consultation with The Bean Guy, I settled on a fragrant Ethiopian coffee instead. And you just know that that fragrance will permeate my entire bag, making me want a big cup of it.

No matter how prepared I am with snacks, that coffee may precipitate a serious culinary emergency.

I'd better pack chocolate, too.


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