Monday, February 07, 2005

Pickled Pink

In going through the rest of the Georgian recipes I had copied some time back, I discovered a recipe for pickled garlic, often eaten as an appetizer. It sounded pretty outrageous, but I was tempted at the same time... and since I had all the ingredients just sitting around, I decided, why not?

After sterilizing the jar, I filled it with three small bulbs of organic garlic and sprinkled salt on top. I boiled together some pomegranate juice and some of my homemade nasturtium vinegar (since I didn't have any plain white vinegar in the house... shocking but true), then poured that over the garlic and added a few peppercorns and sealed the jar.

The pomegranate juice, of course, has a wonderful deep ruby red glow, and where the bulbs of garlic press against the sides the juice fades to a rosy pink. Absolutely gorgeous to look at... and I'm hoping that it will be equally magnificent to eat!

In keeping with the Georgian theme this weekend, I decided to tackle the cheese bread recipe again, and to my great relief, I was able to resolve the problems in the recipe by using different yeast and less flour. This time the dough ended up very tender and almost flaky in spots... and utterly irresistible while still warm.

And now I'm thinking... cheese bread and pickled garlic. I can't wait!


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