Monday, January 03, 2005

Sweet Surrender

Truth be told, I'm a little off sweets right now. Surprisingly, I didn't have too much of all the desserts that I baked over the past month (well, aside from the ridiculously rich and gooey cappuccino brownies I just made), but it just all added up. However, there were some real treats to liven up my break:

1. Though the weather kept me from seeing the irrepressible Mitch Heat, I did get his Christmas gift... a jar of walnuts in honey syrup, a specialty of his village in the Republic of Georgia. Apparently these nuts are boiled whole for several days until the shells are soft, and then they are soaked in a sweet honey syrup. You then eat the nut, shell and all, and bask in the rich, thick, sweetness of it. Wow.

2. I discovered a new coffee shop downtown. But this is not any ordinary coffeehouse, oh no. This little cafe, straight out of the Old World, is a quiet shop with beautiful wood and glass cases filled with authentic and delectable Hungarian pastries. From Dobos torte to kifli and strudel, you can have your pick of any number of fabulous sweets (which, remarkably to the American palate, aren't excessively sweet) and enjoy them with fresh espresso. And yes, I expect to go back there VERY soon.

3. A post-holiday package arrived from my Fabulous Aunt, containing a few of her homemade cookies (she always makes good ones!), a sizable pack of her nut caramels, and about a dozen of her homemade buckeyes... the treat I beg for every year. So I will be rationing those to make them last as long as possible!

How wonderful to start the New Year on such a sweet note!


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