Monday, January 10, 2005

On a Roll

In a previous post, I mused that if I really wanted a sweet treat for breakfast, I should make cinnamon rolls.

Boy, I do get the best ideas sometimes.

As another friend has mentioned, there's nothing quite so wonderful as baking your own bread and having that warm, yeasty aroma provide a comforting, welcoming fragrance to your home. Add to that the sweet scents of cinnamon and sugar and butter baking in that bread, and it becomes well-nigh irresistible.

I tried a new recipe for cinnamon rolls this time, one that uses whole wheat pastry flour (I used a 2:1 mix of whole wheat and unbleached) to make it more wholesome... and honey, nonfat dry milk, and eggs to sweeten and enrich the dough in a somewhat healthier fashion. The recipe called for honey and butter to be whipped together and spread over the dough before sprinkling cinnamon over it, but I say you can't beat brown sugar for the sweet center of the filling.

Of course, if you plan to make rolls for breakfast the same morning, it can be sheer torture to smell those seductive aromas while your stomach is rumbling with impatient desire and hunger. Happily, this recipe took about 2 hours start to finish, so I didn't suffer too badly.

And the result? An extraordinarily tender pastry that was more roll than cinnamon but still satisfyingly delectable. What bliss!

And I have leftovers.


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