Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Feeling My Oats

No, it wasn't anything quite like that, I promise... I wasn't really feeling my oats. OK, I was, but it was like this:

Last night I decided it was time to make cookies, but with no butter in the house, that eliminated several of the old standbys. What to do, what to do?

So I looked through my whole-grain baking book (Uprisings, if you must know) and found a recipe for oatmeal cookies that called for eggs, canola oil, and honey to be mixed together; then oats, wheat germ, dry milk, coconut, dates, and cashews to be mixed together; and then the whole lot to be mixed together.

And, well, I just had to push up my sleeves and get in there and mix it up by hand. None of this sissy wooden spoon stuff... I grabbed those oats (and other ingredients) and worked it all in, lifting and tossing and mushing everything together.

Yes, my hands were clean when I started.

Yes, my hands were a picture from a bad horror movie when I finished (all those moistened oats and such clinging to my fingers... I won't describe it because words would make it seem disgusting, and it was really just funny).

But let me tell you... those cookies were going to hold together no matter what.

They turned out thick and chewy and wholesome... and filling! Next time, I have to remember an extra pinch of salt and some cinnamon and ginger, but on the whole, they satisfied that craving for something sweet-but-not-too-too-sweet.

A hand-y treat. (I know, groan!)


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