Monday, January 03, 2005

Comfort Food

Every year I look forward to having the span from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day off from work, and every year I plan to spend some of that time cooking. (And happily, I was one of the lucky souls who did NOT lose power thanks to that storm!) This year, since the break started off with a winter storm, my cooking started off with comfort food:

vegetable pot pie
more vegetable stock
chili and cornbread
macaroni and cheese (with some broccoli thrown in)
spinach-tofu calzones
spinach-rice casserole
squash-walnut lasagne
cappuccino brownies
and pots and pots of good tea

Some of these efforts made it to the freezer for later consumption, but others are long gone and but a happy memory in my stomach.

Of course, comfort food can also be the food you give to others in time of need, and as my other friends in town were without power, they were in dire need of this. I had made loaves of julekake (Norwegian Christmas bread, laden with raisins and cardamom) on Christmas Eve, and that gave some consolation to those friends who had to spend Christmas Day in a hotel room. And my Opera-Loving Friends were the beneficiaries of not just julekake, but also biscotti and baklava and pickles and homemade liqueurs and the remains of Pie in the Sky (as their whole family was together for the holiday once their heat came back on!).

In all, it was a good end to a year full of good food and good cooking, and I was thrilled to have so much time to devote to making some healthful and yummy dishes. And I was enormously grateful for having uninterrupted power and heat with which to cook!

Happy New Year to you all, and may your hearts (and stomachs!) be full!


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