Friday, January 14, 2005

Cocktails for One

I finally picked up a bottle of pomegranate juice (actually, pomegranate-mango) last week as I'd been hearing good things about it (high in antioxidants) and, well, I do like the flavor of pomegranates.

So with my lunch of alphabet vegetable soup/stew/pasta salad? today, I tried a little bit. It's good, with a deep flavor and a rich sweetness. However, I didn't want straight juice for lunch... too intense. Instead, I mixed it with some club soda for a nice little non-alcoholic cocktail. And that was just right.

Pomegranate, mango, and soda. Hmmm. I think it just begs to be called the PMS. (I'll have to try the pomegranate-blueberry juice next... anyone for a little PBS?) You may differ.

But I think I'll have another.


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