Monday, December 13, 2004

To Coin a Phrase

I never got around to picking up little bags of chocolate coins for Hanukkah gifts this year, despite my initial resolution to snag them at Godiva. Instead, I decided to try and make "coins" on my own.

Shouldn't be that difficult, right?

Well, actually, it wasn't too bad. I had the bright idea to pull out the mini muffin tin liners and spoon small amounts of melted milk chocolate chips into each cup, which worked reasonably well (though they only resemble coins in their roundness and fluted edges). They aren't quite the same, but they're homemade, and that should satisfy my friends, right?

But the best part? With a fair amount of milk chocolate left over, I decided to add some chopped pecans and finish off the pot by making chocolate-pecan clusters.

How sweet it is!


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