Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Recipes: Index

Most of the recipes mentioned on this site are too long to add to entries, but those few that remain fairly compact can be found here:

Apple Croissant Turnovers ("Time to Turnover a New Treat" 9/29/07)
Applesauce ("Saucy Lady" 9/5/07)
Asparagus Frittata ("Persona Non Frittata" 6/5/07)
Banana-Nut Pancakes ("A Brunch of Bananas" 5/20/06)
Beet Tartare ("Summertime Salads" 6/18/07)
Blueberry Chutney ("Chutney Be Good" 7/30/06)
Blueberry-Date Bars ("A Date for the Weekend" 7/15/06)
Blueberry-Lavender Pudding Cake ("Berry Nice Surprise!" 4/25/06)
Buckeye Parfaits ("Easy As... Pudding?" 6/8/05)
Cantaloupe Chutney (posted at the Ethicurean 9/13/07)
Cappuccino Spice Cake ("Cake Walk" 7/26/07)
Cardamom-Walnut Cookies ("Spicing Things Up" 3/11/06)
Carrot-Halwa Muffins ("Is There Muffin I Can Do?" 2/5/06)
Chai Spice Brownies ("The Spice is Right" 2/6/07)
Chai Spice Shortbread ("Feeling a Little Chai?" 3/18/06)
Cheesy Grits Soufflés with Asparagus ("True Grits" 4/5/07)
Cherry-Chocolate-Almond Bars ("Cherry-Covered Chocolate" 7/19/07)
Chickpea Surprise Fritters ("How to Fritter Away the Weekend" 1/11/08)
Chocolate Christmas Ale Cake ("Ale's Well That Ends Well" 12/31/07)
Chocolate Mint Truffle Surprise Cookies ("The Truffle with Berries" 7/8/06)
Coconut-Ginger-Lime Bars ("Gone Coconuts" 5/28/06)
Coconut-Ginger-Lime Scones ("Thai-ing Something New" 6/3/05)
Confetti Pancakes ("Color Me Hungry" 7/7/05)
Corn Pancakes ("Corn of Plenty" 8/23/06)
Cornmeal-Millet-Flax Bread ("Daily Bread" 3/5/06)
Creamy Spinach Pesto Pasta ("Living in the Pasta" 1/11/06)
Curmudgeon Chocolate Cookies ("How to Sweeten Up a Grump" 10/21/07)
Curried Millet Polenta with Sun-Dried Tomato Chutney ("If You Can't Take the Heat..." 5/30/06)
Curried Squash "Fries" ("Healthy Snacks in a Curry" 1/27/07)
Curry Gazpacho ("Chopping Around" 7/24/07)
Dal-i ("Hello, Dal-i!" 2/10/08)
Dark Chocolate-Cinnamon Pots de Creme ("Pudding on a Show" 10/12/05)
Dark Chocolate-Double Nut Bars ("Bar None" 2/7/07)
Eggnog Pecan Rolls ("Deck the Rolls" 12/25/06)
Eggplant-Walnut Puree ("Pureed and Simple" 5/8/07)
Fall's First Harvest Saute ("Squashed!" 9/14/06)
Fattoush ("And-a One, And Fattoush" 4/3/07)
Friday Night Vegetable Curry ("Good Rice, Good Curry" 2/3/06)
Fried Okra ("Oh, Oh, Okra!" 8/7/05)
Fried Rice (for a Healthy Heart) ("Do the Rice Thing" 4/19/06)
Garam Masala Pecans with Lime (posted at the Ethicurean 12/8/07)
Garden of Eden Apple Tart ("In the Garden of Eatin'" 10/10/07)
Garlic-Shallot Jam ("Shallot Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" 9/19/06)
Ginger-Mint Scones ("What Curd I Do?" 6/18/06)
Gratin Dauphinois ("A Gruyère Day Than Usual" 11/19/05)
Green Bean and Heirloom Tomato Salad ("Family Heirlooms" 8/26/05)
Greener Goddess Pasta ("The Pasta's Always Greener on the Other Side" 6/25/06)
Guacamole ("Makin' Guacamole" 6/15/06)
Havarti-Dill Grits ("Kiss My Grits!" 7/9/06)
Haydari ("Haydari, What's For Supper?" 8/2/06)
Heavenly Honeydew Custard Tart (posted at the Ethicurean 9/13/07)
Herb Flaxseed Rolls ("Just the Flax, Ma'am" 4/8/06)
Herbs and Honey Bread (posted at the Ethicurean 11/8/07)
Holiday Nut and Spice Wreath (posted at the Ethicurean 1/5/08)
Honeydew-Mint Bellini Breezer ("Honeydew You Like This?" 9/13/07)
Hurried Curried Spinach Potato Soup ("Hurry Curry" 3/27/06)
Irish Cheddar Soda Bread ("When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" 3/17/07)
Jam and Cheese Tart ("Take Another Little Piece of My Tart" 6/29/06)
Jam and Streusel Muffins ("Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' In My Muffin" 2/17/08)
Jam Tarts ("Queen of Tarts" 7/6/05)
Jasmine Ginger Plum Upside-Down Cake ("Plum Crazy" 8/23/07)
Lavender-Blueberry Streusel Muffins ("Muffin to Do" 5/26/07)
Lavender Lemonade ("On a Lavender Bender" 7/4/07)
Lavender Sauteed Apples ("Roll Out the Apple" 11/5/07)
Lime-Ginger Squares ("Sub-Lime" 2/19/06)
Long Drawn-Out Sigh Sundaes ("Getting Curried Away" 7/12/05)
Luscious Lavender Berry Soup ("Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue!" 7/4/06)
Maple Lemonade ("When Life Hands You Lemons..." 8/10/06)
Midsummer Blossom Tea ("A Midsummer Night's Tea" 6/5/06)
Millet Pancakes ("A Thrill a Millet" 11/26/05)
Mint Sugar (posted at the Ethicurean 12/8/07)
Mocha Cinnamon Rolls ("Ideas Are Brewing" 11/25/07)
Mocha Magic Muffins ("Muffin Can Beat This" 5/29/06)
Muhammara ("What Are You Eating?" 8/22/06)
Niagara Grape and Jasmine Tea Cake ("A Grape Cake That Suits Me to a Tea" 9/30/07)
Niagara Grape-Red Onion Confit (posted at the Ethicurean 10/12/07)
Oatmeal Pancakes ("Missing the Oat" 10/18/05)
Okra Curry ("In Season" 9/15/05)
Orange-Walnut Bread ("Juiced Another Good Bread" 12/1/07)
Pasta Dough (and variations) (posted at the Ethicurean 2/9/08)
Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprints ("Some Day My 'Prints Will Come" 3/24/07)
Peach Salsa (posted at the Ethicurean 8/29/07)
Pear-Cardamom Chutney ("Pearing Sweet and Sour" 8/30/07)
Pear-Chèvre Crumb Cake ("Take This Crumb and Chèvre It" 4/8/07)
Pear-Ginger Jam ("Save the Last Jam for Me" 9/23/07)
Pear Gingerbread ("Gingerbread Woman" 12/30/07)
Peas, Carrots, and Potatoes ("Mind Your Peas (and Cute Carrots, Too)" 9/4/06)
Peppermint Twists (posted at the Ethicurean 1/5/08)
Pesto Scones ("Less Scones and Carols" 12/24/06)
Posh Potato Salad ("Posh Potato Salad" 5/6/06)
Pumpkin-Date Scones ("Heart of Scone" 2/12/06)
Pumpkin Drop Cookies ("Cute as a Pumpkin" 1/7/06)
Pumpkin Maple Praline Muffins ("Crunch Time" 12/3/06)
Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust (posted at the Ethicurean 11/19/07)
Pumpkin-Pink Catawba Preserves (posted at the Ethicurean 10/12/07)
Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake ("Pumpkin Up the Volume" 12/10/06)
Raspberry-Chocolate Chip Quick Bread ("Berry Quick" 1/23/07)
Raspberry Truffle Torte ("A Berry Decadent Dessert" 2/23/08)
Raspberry Walnut Spelt Muffins ("I Feel Another Baking Spelt Coming On" 4/15/07)
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup ("Rooted in Place" 12/5/06)
Rosemary-Walnut Cider Bread ("Rosemary Me!" 9/10/05)
Rustic Ground Cherry Bars ("Grounding Myself" 9/3/07)
Salted Cashew-Crunch Cookies ("Cashew Later" 5/20/07)
Savory Apple Bruschette ("This Is a Toast... This Is Only a Toast" 11/5/06)
S'chee (Russian Cabbage Soup) ("S'chee Whiz!" 9/17/05)
Sesame Crackers ("Take a Cracker At This" 1/19/08)
Silk Road Vegetable Braise ("Braising a Fuss" 5/24/06)
Sore Throat Soother ("You Go, Garlic!" 1/30/06)
Southwestern Cornbread Stuffing (posted at the Ethicurean 11/19/07)
Spelt and Autumn Vegetable Not-Really-Risotto ("How Do You Spelt Relief?" 11/11/07)
Spiced Plum Crisp ("A Plum Deal" 8/30/07)
Squash Sauce Over Fettucine ("You Butternut Pout, You Butternut Cry" 11/17/07)
Strawberry Tiramisu ("Tiramisu Prettty!" 6/20/07)
Sunshine Cookies ("You Are My Sunshine" 11/26/05)
Tarte Tatin du Romarin ("Tarte of Gold" 9/23/07)
This Chick's Sweet Potato Bisque ("Taking a Bisque" 3/4/06)
Tropical Tofu Curry with Zucchini Fritters ("On a Different Tropic" 8/15/06)
True Blue Biscuits ("Blue Skies" 5/5/07)
Uzbek Carrot Salad ("The Odd Couple" 1/28/05)
Vegetable Paprikash Soup ("An Improper Paprikash" 2/5/06)
Vegetable Stock ("Live Stock" 10/27/07)
Wacky Chocolate Pudding Cake (posted at the Ethicurean 11/8/07)
Watermelon Lassi ("Lassi-Faire" 6/4/05)
Watermelon Pickles ("The Long and Rinding Road" 8/7/07)
Winter-Spring Asparagus Lasagna ("La-La-Lasagna!" 3/6/06)
Zucchini Date Muffins ("Gad-Zukes!" 7/30/06)