Thursday, December 23, 2004

Pie in the Sky

Yes, I succumbed. I admit it.

I couldn't let this entire week leading up to Christmas pass me by with a crisper drawer full of fresh oranges... and NOT make Pie in the Sky.

For the uninitiated, Pie in the Sky is my first original creation. Picture it:

graham cracker crust laced with cinnamon and fresh orange peel

fluffy filling with orange juice, orange peel, cinnamon, and extra flavoring, with egg whites whipped in; once baked, it settles into beautiful layers, with a slightly spongy eggy top covering a creamy, richly flavored custard

whipping cream infused with fresh orange peel

cinnamon orange peel OR cinnamon orange pecans for that crowning touch

Truly "a slice of sunshine topped with a dollop of cloud," as I once described it to a friend. It's one of those desserts that takes a little extra time to make because you must concentrate on mixing everything just right, but I find that gives me a chance to concentrate on layering the flavors and imagining the end results... which include very happy friends.

To wit... the Gentleman came by in the still-falling snow last night, and it only took one mention of Pie in the Sky to draw forth his ready acceptance of my invitation. (He's no fool.) And a warm slice of "exquisite" pie (his word), topped with cool thick whipped cream, and served with orange-pecan coffee was just the thing to content him before he braved the elements once more.

There's always room for dessert, especially in my house.


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