Wednesday, December 22, 2004

(Not So) Instant Gratification

Sometimes when I've been baking madly and have lots of cookies and such piled up in the kitchen, I like to surprise people with random care packages. Sometimes, like after the holiday party this year, I like to share some of the goodies with people who weren't able to be around for the first run of such treats.

(After all, I always liked getting surprise care packages from my Wonderful Parents and Fabulous Aunt in college... and still enjoy getting boxes in the mail. So why shouldn't other people have that same pleasure?)

This year, I packed up little sample boxes for some of my friends and a couple of my far-flung colleagues: baklava, cookies, maybe a biscotti or two (if they fit in the box). Tucked them in the mail, then sat back and waited...

And it's always gratifying to see their responses. One recipient just informed me that she shared her box with others in her department, and they are now wondering if I will send them such a sample box every month. Probably not, I say, but there's no telling when I might send such a random care package again (since I tend to play up to appreciative audiences, you might say!).

The element of surprise is always part of the pleasure.


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