Monday, December 13, 2004

Great Minds Think Alike

The other evening, the lovely Phoenix stopped by to discuss her plans for cooking a Solstice dinner for her family (since making Christmas dinner would be too much pressure). We pored over The Cookbook to see which entrees sounded best, then browsed the salads and vegetable recipes to select good complementary dishes.

As the Chef Mother herself taught me, menu planning is all about contrasts: a nice variety in color, temperature, texture, flavor, and even size and shape. And for a Solstice menu, it seemed appropriate to use (mostly) seasonal produce as part of the celebration of the cycle of life. So Phoenix decided on this menu:

Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tagine (over Whole Wheat Couscous)
Gingered Green Beans with Hazelnuts
Winter Pear Salad
Baklava (which we will make together this week)

To toast such a fine plan, we made hot chocolate from scratch, using vanilla soy milk and some of those delicious Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips. And let's not forget the dried chocolate mint from my herb garden. So thick and rich, and utterly satisfying.

Between you and me, I think she's going to turn out to be a fabulous cook!


At 12/13/2004 9:19 AM, Blogger Phoenix said...

awwwwww... geeeeeThanks!


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