Thursday, December 09, 2004

For Your Reference

Forgot to mention... for those of you who have a copy of my personal cookbook, almost all of the dishes from last night's party are included in my recipes.

What's missing:

marinated water chestnuts
stuffed mushrooms
caramels (and even I don't have this recipe!)


cucumber-yogurt spread; see tzatziki or borani, but season with dill
potstickers; see tofu vegetable dumplings, use saute/steam method
guacamole; no tomatoes or cumin, lots of cilantro

I'm still working on getting the caramel recipe from my Fabulous Aunt, and I don't know how widely she will allow me to share it, but I can work on typing up and sending out the other three recipes if there is enough call for them. Let me know!


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