Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fill 'Er Up

Last night I made the fillings for two of the stuffed appetizers: samosas and potstickers. Since I've gotten hooked on Indian food, I am awfully glad to have a good samosa recipe I can whip up at home, and after sampling various versions at different restaurants, I've modified the spices for the filling so that there's more cinnamon, which gives it that lovely rich flavor. Mmmmmmmmmm....

Oh, excuse me, I think I just drooled on the keyboard.

Anyway, I haven't made the potstickers in a number of years, so I was hoping that everything would turn out all right with those. The filling is pretty basic: garlic and ginger sauteed with shredded carrots and Chinese cabbage, with tofu (a nice lemon-pepper pressed tofu I found at Mustard Seed) and scallions and tamari added and cooked down. It was wonderfully fragrant and decidedly reminiscent of the filling in Sue-Min's potstickers, so I think we're on the right track.

Also done:

  • cilantro chutney, with plenty of fresh cilantro, a single dried chile pepper courtesy of my folks (currently camped out in Arizona), and a couple spoonfuls of plain yogurt to smooth it out and extend it

  • a layered Italian torta, which is a very fancy name for a tricolor cream cheese dip, with layers mixed respectively with pesto, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes

  • the white bean spread (blended with rosemary, orange peel, garlic) for the bruschette that I'll make just before the party

A satisfying evening's work! And on top of that, I laid out the "sideboard" for the cocktails (wine, dandelion wine, liqueurs) after polishing the lovely little silver liqueur cups that were a birthday present from THE Tech God Himself. (They look SO cool.) No, I didn't indulge in a nightcap... by that time, I was pretty well set to fall asleep no matter what!


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