Friday, December 10, 2004

Feeling Elfish

I have leftovers.

I have too darn many leftovers.

And happily for those of my friends and family who live a fair distance away, a number of those leftovers fall under the category of desserts which will keep longer than usual (like biscotti and spiced nuts).

So as I sorted through Christmas and Hanukkah presents last night, packing up boxes for family and friends like a good little elf, I tossed in little bags of spiced nuts or biscotti or cookies "for extra padding." I also packed up some baklava to leave on the desks of a couple of especially nice co-workers this AM as there's still a lot of that to be shared. (And that's a hint to those of you in the area to come and help me eat the rest!)

The rosemary walnuts, however, did not get bagged and distributed to friends. No way. Those are mine, and I am definitely going to be selfish about it.

Being one of Santa's elves has its limits.


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