Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Feast Fit for... the Tech Gods

Another big holiday party has come and gone, and I think it's probably safe to say that all the guests went away well fed and very happy and relaxed. (At least they looked awfully relaxed sprawled around my living room after dessert.)

The final tally for the meal:

guacamole and chips
layered Italian torta (the cream cheese spread)
cheese and crackers
marinated water chestnuts
homemade dill pickles
3 kinds of spiced nuts: Indian pecans, rosemary walnuts, cinnamon-orange pecans
vegetable samosas and two chutneys
tofu vegetable potstickers and dipping sauce
spicy tofu pate
stuffed mushrooms
bruschette with white bean/rosemary spread and sauteed spinach
carrots and cucumber slices
smoked salmon and cucumber-yogurt spread
lavash crackers
cheddar-chive scones
3 kinds of biscotti: anise-lemon, chocolate-hazelnut, ginger-pecan
3 kinds of cookies: Russian teacakes, espresso chip shortbread, ginger-molasses
homemade caramels (courtesy of a Fabulous Aunt)

And that's not including the water, the mulled cider, the bottle of Mon Ami pinot grigio, and selected homemade liqueurs for libations.

All in all, a lot of hard work (about a week's worth) went into the preparation for this feast, and I'd have to say, from all the compliments and contented faces around the house last night, it appears to have been more than worth the effort.

My extra special thanks go to the lovely Phoenix for help with the last preparations yesterday afternoon (and clean-up during the prep)... she has even volunteered to help out with future Dinner Club preparations since she enjoyed the experience so much. (And yes, I will be taking you up on that offer!) Thanks also to the Gentleman who made the last-minute grocery run for cheese and crackers and carrots (even if he did have to consult me by cell phone as to what would be acceptable; hey, it provided the entertainment for those of us doing prep!)... he definitely earned those extra pieces of baklava (was it four or five at the last count???).

And happily, it looks like I won't have to cook again until Christmas. Welllllllll, maybe not that long, but there are a lot of leftovers.

Anyone care for a little snack?


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