Monday, December 06, 2004

Dough Re Mi

Friday night I started to tackle the more savory items on the party menu. First came the dough for the new favorite, lavash crackers... so quick to whip up (for a yeast dough, ridiculously quick!) and so satisfying to eat, especially with the dips and spreads that will get made over the next couple of days. Next, I made the whole wheat samosa dough (1 1/2 times the usual recipe, expecting certain stomachs to be bottomless pits on Wednesday eve), followed by delectably light and buttery cheddar-chive scones and, finally, the baking of the aforementioned lavash.

And even with all that, I was done in plenty of time to catch the Christmas choir concert. (I'm just that good.)

A few samples have, of course, been tested to guarantee the high quality of goods you've come to expect at one of my dinner parties, and have no fear... I left plenty for the rest of you.

I took a break on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy outside activities (and meals). One stop was at Mustard Seed Market, where I found some delicious looking organic eggplants and cilantro as well as two kinds of organic tofu for other appetizers, and a small slab of smoked Atlantic salmon (one of my very few digressions from vegetarianism... yum). They always have such tempting foods there, but at least on this visit I was more restrained in my pursuits.

Meals out included: a fine dinner at the Cleveland Grill with THE Tech God Himself, followed by decadent desserts (raspberry lemon tart and German chocolate torte) at Max's Deli (Saturday); late dinner with my wonderful Opera-Loving Friends at Cafe Tandoor, where we indulged in savory samosas, garlic naan, palak aloo, paneer makhani, and gobi masala, followed by homemade ice cream. Happy stomachs, and leftovers, too!

After a grocery run over lunch today, I'll be back in the kitchen this evening, working on fillings for some appetizers and condiments for others. Look for more mouth-watering information here tomorrow!


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