Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Crackers

Sometime last year I borrowed The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion cookbook from the library in the hopes of finding some good recipes to add to my repertoire. I didn't find quite as many that I'd like to try as I had hoped, but I did find myself intrigued with the section of cracker recipes. And since I'm fond of a good snack of crackers and cheese, I thought I might just have to test a few variations.

On Saturday I pulled out the recipe for the Curry-Ginger Crackers and got to work. Imagine, if you will, flour enhanced by minced crystallized ginger, salt, curry powder, turmeric, a bit of butter, and other fine stuff... rolled out to a delicate thinness and cut with a wavy-edged pastry wheel... then baked until golden and crisp. Yum.

A large handful disappeared with some of the spicy tofu pate I had leftover from the party... don't quite know how that happened (she said innocently)!

I will say that next time I think I will add the optional cayenne pepper and perhaps a bit more salt as the crackers turned out just a little too sweet for me. On the whole, though, they were definitely worth the effort. (And believe me, on a weekend when I felt more inclined to rest, it was not much effort!)

Now I look forward to trying the other cracker recipes, too...


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