Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Assorted Chocolates

Last night I melted more milk chocolate chips and made a small selection of chocolates for friends (and for my own secret stash).

First up, candied orange peel. It was a bit tricky to drag those small peels through the chocolate. Yes, I know I could have dumped them all in and coated them completely, but I didn't want to do that, so the peels are about half to three-quarters covered. (Note to self for future reference: don't put so much, if any, sugar on the peels that will get coated in chocolate as the sugar ends up flecking the chocolate, thus preventing a smooth coating.)

Next, a few slices of crystallized ginger from the natural foods store. These were easier to dip thanks to their broad, flat surfaces. Very tasty!

Finally, what to do with that leftover melted milk chocolate, but to dump chopped pecans into it and make more chocolate-pecan clusters?!

I packed up a small assortment for the Gentleman, since he's running me around on errands this evening, and another small assortment for my impending guest, but never fear... I'll save some for those of you I won't see until after the holidays!

Chocolate Potluck, anyone?


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